breakfast This SmokeFree Breakfast in Akiba site introduces and rates the various stores in Akihabara that serve breakfast. Instead of rating the quality and price of the food, this site will rate the "smoke free" environment of the store. mug
tullys-akiba-00.jpg Tully's Coffee Akiba Station
smoke free rating: 100
cost: 480 - 500
hours: until 11:00
GPS: 35.6983 139.7748 [click for map]
In July 2010, they got rid of the smoking section, and the store has become 100% smoke free.

They have some breakfast sets for 480 yen to 500 yen. Between early 2011 and January 2012, the upgrade to the tall size drinks was free. Now it costs 50 yen.

A Tully's stamp card started in November 2009. One stamp for each drink. Buy 15 drinks and get one free, up to 370 yen. This card ended in September 2011.

Some of the hot breakfast sets are as follows.
  • ham and egg sandwich (480 yen)
  • bacon and cheese oven sandwich (500 yen)

Some of the former hot breakfast sets were as follows.
  • egg toast (480 yen)
  • butter toast (480 yen)

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