breakfast This SmokeFree Breakfast in Akiba site introduces and rates the various stores in Akihabara that serve breakfast. Instead of rating the quality and price of the food, this site will rate the "smoke free" environment of the store. mug
linux-cafe-00.jpg Linux Cafe
smoke free rating: 10
cost: 380 - 430
hours: until 11:00
GPS: 35.7004 139.7709 [click for map]
This store is a smoker's paradise. If you can't stand the smell of cigarettes or the smoke, stay away.

The store is completely open space, and 90% of the store is the smoking section. The non-smoking section is in the back of the store, just 5 tables. There is nothing between the smoking and non-smoking sections.

Every time I have been in the store there have been many heavy smokers.

This store has very good food so it's very unfortunate that the environment is so bad.

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