breakfast This SmokeFree Breakfast in Akiba site introduces and rates the various stores in Akihabara that serve breakfast. Instead of rating the quality and price of the food, this site will rate the "smoke free" environment of the store. mug
gundam-00.jpg Gundam Cafe
smoke free rating: 60
cost: 490 - 890
hours: 10:00 - 11:00
GPS: 35.6992 139.7730 [click for map]
On weekdays, the Gundam Cafe opens at 10:00 and has a breakfast option until 11:00, which is a free small coffee (hot or ice) with any food item. Also the regular sized coffee is 200 yen (instead of 340 yen). On weekends, the store opens at 8:30, but there is no free or discount coffee.

The system for this store is as follows. You go in and find your seat. You go to the counter and order your food and drinks. They give you the drinks, and you carry them to your seat. Then they bring the food to you.

This store has a smoking section which is separated by a glass wall. But there are two openings without doors, so it isn't completely smoke free. There are 38 seats in the non-smoking section, and 21 seats in the smoking section.

Since this is a specialty cafe, the main dish items are all pretty expensive, except for the french toast (490 yen).

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