breakfast This SmokeFree Breakfast in Akiba site introduces and rates the various stores in Akihabara that serve breakfast. Instead of rating the quality and price of the food, this site will rate the "smoke free" environment of the store. mug
excelsior2-00.jpg Excelsior Caffe (Main Street)
smoke free rating: 80
cost: 380 - 420
hours: until 11:00
GPS: 35.7015 139.7714 [click for map]
There is a smoking section in the store, in the back. But the smoking section isn't completely closed (totally open door and the wall doesn't go to the ceiling), so depending on where you sit, it can get very smelly. This is a fairly large store so if you sit far away, and there aren't too many smokers it's not bad.

The store is very crowded from around 9:00 to 10:00, as it's close to a pachinko shop. The pachinko players eat and drink here waiting for the pachinko shop to open, and many of them are smokers. So it's best to avoid that time slot.

There are 116 seats in the store: 60 non-smoking, 48 smoking, and 8 outside (smoking).

There are a few breakfast sets, food plus small drink for 380 to 420 yen (50 yen more for medium drink, 100 yen more for large drink).

The breakfast sets have changed over the years. The current croque monsieur is smaller than last year's, and the bread is thinner. They also changed the cheese.

The previous croque monsier had thicker bread, and a large piece of ham.

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