breakfast This SmokeFree Breakfast in Akiba site introduces and rates the various stores in Akihabara that serve breakfast. Instead of rating the quality and price of the food, this site will rate the "smoke free" environment of the store. mug
doutor-izumibashi-00.jpg Doutor (Akihabara Izumibashi)
smoke free rating: 70
cost: 380 - 420
hours: until 10:30
The first floor of the store is non-smoking, but the second floor is smoking. There are 24 seats on the first floor, and 64 on the second.

The ventilation doesn't seem to be very good, so you can smell the smoke on the first floor.

There are a few breakfasts sets until 10:30, from 380 yen to 420yen.

One of the breakfast sets is the german dog.

In addition to the set foods, there are sandwiches and other breads.

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